COLLECTIBLE Design Fair • 2020

Brussels • COLLECTIBLE the pioneering fair dedicated exclusively to 21st-century contemporary collectible design, returns to the Vanderborght building in Brussels for its third edition from 5 - 8 March 2020.

COLLECTIBLE 2020. Vanderborght Building. Fair View © Jeroen Verrecht

Experimental in its approach, COLLECTIBLE is a one of a kind platform for the showcase and discovery of the best in collectible design today. Seeking to continuously push the

boundaries of creativity, the fair brings together established and emerging galleries, designers and design studios in a dynamic integrated space and collaborates with leading curators, design institutions and foundations to deliver groundbreaking commissions and curated projects.

The third edition of COLLECTIBLE presents an expanded roster of over 100 international exhibitors and an exciting new panorama of unique and limited-edition works by practitioners from a mixed range of disciplines, sitting at the crossroads of design, architecture and art.

COLLECTIBLE 2019. Atelier Jespers © Jeroen Verrecht
COLLECTIBLE 2020. Sight Unseen _Ben & Aja Blanc_Courtesy of COLLECTIBLE



— Established & cutting-edge galleries

Anne Jacquemin Sablon (FR) | ART LEXÏNG (US) | Atelier Jespers (BE) | Blue Mountain School (UK) | Camp Design Gallery (IT) | DiSé (IT) | éditions du coté (FR) | ELEVEN STEENS (BE) | Everyday Gallery (BE) | fābula gallery (RU) | FRACAS (BE) | François Epin Art & Design (FR) | Functional Art Gallery (DE) x Peres Projects (DE) | Galerie KRL (NL) | Galerie Philia (FR) | gallery rauminhalt (AT) | Galerie SCÈNE OUVERTE (FR) | Galerija Vartai (LT) | HUSK (FR) | illacions Design Gallery (ES) | LABINAC (DE) | LOKAL (FI) | MANIERA (BE) | MDR Gallery (UK) | Modern Shapes Gallery (BE) | Puls Contemporary Ceramics (BE) | Rademakers Gallery (NL) | Relay Design Agency (UK) | SIDE GALLERY (ES) | Spazio Nobile (BE) | THEOREME EDITIONS (FR) | Thierry Struvay (BE) | Todd Merrill Studio (US) | ToolsGalerie (FR) | Valcke Art Gallery (BE) | valerie_traan (BE)


— New section showcasing signature works by individual designers and design studios through fresh creations and high-end commissions.

Adeline Halot (BE) x Jimmy Beyens (BE) x L'ocrier (BE) x Nathalie Verbeken (BE) | Ado Chale (BE) | ARRIAU (FR) | barbeau desrosiers (CA) | barh (BE) | Ben Storms (BE) | Bieke Casteleyn (BE) | BRUT collective (BE) | DIM Atelier (BE) x MAVC Studio (PT) x Mircea Anghel (PT) | Emelianova Studio (IT) | FAINA (UA) | HAOS (FR) | Isabelle de Borchgrave (BE) | JCP Universe (IT) | KREADIANO OBJECTS (DE) x Yellow Nose Studio (DE) | Llewellyn Chupin (FR) | MTHARU (CA) | Nadja Zerunian (AT) | Paulin, Paulin, Paulin® (FR) | Pauline Esparon (FR) | Plasticiet (NL) | Plumbum (FR) | Studio Erik Olovsson (SE) | Studio LoHo (BE) | TOOLS FOR PROGRESS (NL) | Victoria Magniant - Galerie V (FR) | Xavier Lust (BE) | Zaventem Ateliers (BE)

COLLECTIBLE 2019. Food Design at COLLECTIBLE VIP © Jeroen Verrecht


— Designers and design studios with no gallery representation, a space for radical experimentation and discovery where participants are required to explore pioneering ideas and processes in design.

Alissa Volchkova (FR/RU) | Amanda Buckley (CH) | APPRT2 (FR) | Arthur Hoffner (FR) | Atelier Sauvage (FR) | Charlotte Kidger (UK) | Christian+Jade (NL) | Christophe Machet (FR) | Dahlia Subasi (TR) | Flatwig Studio (IT) | Gaspard Graulich (FR) | Laura Fournier Studio (FR) | Mariadela Araujo (ES) | Maria Tyakina (NL) | müsing–sellés (US) | NAAZ by Naz Yologlu (TR) | Nathalie Campion (FR) | Philipp Weber x ANALOG (DE) | sashaxsasha (RU) | Savvas Laz (GR) | Sayar & Garibeh (LB) | Sophia Taillet (FR) | Studio BISKT (BE) | STUDIO COBER (NL) | Studio Nicolas Erauw (BE) | STUDIO RAW MATERIAL (IN) | Studio Sho Ota (NL) | Studio Vlora (CH) | Supertoys Supertoys (NL) | vormen (BE) | Ward Wijnant (NL) Scenography: Studio Döppel (Paris)


ADAM - Brussels Design Museum (BE) x CID Grand-Hornu (BE) x Design Museum Gent (BE) | artecetera (BE) | CAMPARI CREATES curated by Jan Hoet Jr (BE) | Sight Unseen (US) | Thierry Boutemy (BE) | VIENNA DESIGN WEEK (AT) | Z33 - House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture (BE)


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