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L i l l e • 2 0 1 9 The 12th edition of Art Up revolved around the young art scene and contemporary photography. As a Special Guest, FRESH ART FROM CHINA was pleased to present on that occasion photography series of two young emerging Chinese artists.

FRESH ART FROM CHINA • Art Up 2019 Founder & Director

Established in 2017 by Marine Decottignies, FRESH ART FROM CHINA is a media art agency which promotes Chinese Contemporary Art Scene. Its main mission is to bring a fresh perspective to its actuality, its scene, and its evolution by presenting a selection of the best of the Chinese contemporary art and of the Chinese artists in Europe. Through working with collaborators and a strong network in Chinese art field , FRESH ART FROM CHINA produces pop up exhibitions and events in public spaces to introduce the community to Chinese Contemporary Art Scene.

Fresh Art From China, a young online platform, shine a spotlight on the young Chinese creation and defends contemporary Chinese art scene, with artists mostly never shown in France.

Le Journal des Arts, Feb 2019


For its first Lille exhibition, FRESH ART FROM CHINA was invited to presents photographic series of two young emerging Chinese artists: ZHAO XIAO MENG and LIU SILIN. Preoccupied and concerned by urbanization, globalization, politics, new technologies or memory,  Contemporary  Chinese photography brings a constant look at its past in an expression boldly turned towards its future. On this blank page, Zhao Xiao Meng has been working for several years on the notion of time and disappearance and examines the societal upheavals of modern China in the 21st century. His photographic series, Bicycles in Beijing, Now is the subject of a book, documenting the disappearance and massive decline of bicycles in Beijing. His work is presented for the first time in Europe during the 2019 edition of Art Up!

Liu Silin with her series I'm Everywhere, awarded in 2016 by the Discovery Award of Jimei x Arles festival, crosses the boundaries of photography and digital art by making images and rewriting history in her own image. Her works are a discussion about the role of photography in the era of cultural globalization, the irrational cult of icons and our understanding of images as vectors of historical narrative.


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