C h e n g D u • 2 0 1 6 Futurotextiles MIX exhibition invites the chinese visitors to discover the world of textiles and take in its incredible diversity.

FUTUROTEXTILES MIX • CHINA Tour Installation Coordination Manager

This Futurotextiles MIX exhibition invites the people of Chengdu (China) to discover the world of textiles and take in its incredible diversity, which ranges from fibre weave and knitwear to composites and nonwovens.

The aim is also to show that today textiles are becoming increasingly technical, innovative and intelligent while also becoming relevant to current issues of sustainable development.

The exhibition embarks the visitor on a playful and informative artistic journey through the incredible materials that have featured in previous editions of Futurotextiles (microencapsulated lace, connected textiles and unusual fabrics made of coffee or basalt), “best of” pieces, new creations and a Textifood selection.

Discover innovative and visionary materials, stroll among incredible inventions and surprising objects from France, Europe and beyond, with a special focus on products from the host country of the exhibition. Showcasing the frequently incredible research and ingenuity of companies and engineers while associating these qualities with the talents of artists and designers is the ambition embraced by Futurotextiles.

Design: lille3000 Curator: Caroline David

Daniel Buren, [Sans titre], Futurotextiles, © Maxime Dufour. Détail.

Featuring works of :

AZ&MUT - BACSAC - BALDIZZONE Gianni & Tiziana - BELLINI Mario - BUREN Daniel - CARNOVSKY  - COUILLET Luce  - DE LUSSAC Thomas  - DESIGN PERCEPT (Clémentine Chambon & Françoise Mamert) - DOGNIN (Luc Dognin et Rafik Mahiout) - FRANKLIN Donna & CASS Gary  - JEONG HWA Choi - KOMPLOT DESIGN - LES M - LITERACKA Anna - MARIN Stéphanie - NEIDLINGER Kristin - ORANGE FIBER - PITON Jean - SANDICO Ditta - SANTORO Alyce - VON FORSELLES Kristian - YUSHISHA