P a r i s • 2 0 1 7 The Parisian Maison Européenne de la photographie holded a major retrospective from Gao Bo's work, from his first Tibetan photographs to most recent installations.

GAO BO • LES OFFRANDES • MEP PARIS Artist Assistant & Coordination Manager

The MEP organizined a major retrospective exhibition of the Chinese artist : Gao Bo. This exhibition strived to reveal the singularity of his work through his leading visual and conceptual researches. Gao Bo’s 高波 (born in Sichuan province in 1964) works have been pushing the boundaries of photography, painting and installation, while challenging the notions of disappearance, duality and sacrifice. He discovered his vocation after a first trip to Tibet in 1985, where he produced a series of candid portraits with two cameras he borrowed from his teacher and from a friend. Between 1985 and 1995 he embarked upon five journeys to Tibet, capturing street life, Buddhist monks and breathtaking landscapes.

" Gao Bo tests his strength, pushes the limits of the possible and proves that art can keep alive memories that normally should not have survived. Stunning photographs, to close an excessively interesting exhibition. "

Agathe Lautréamont , Beaux Arts Magazine, Les captivantes offrandes de Gao Bo à la MEP, Feb 2017

From the series "Tibet 1985-1995", inkjet print on acid-free paper and blood

Ten years after, Gao Bo conceived a new arrangement of these photographs. He went back to Tibet during the summer of 2009 in order to rework them by using his blood as ink as well as an automatical calligraphy he invented. Over the years, he has been increasingly reworking his photographs and his creation has becoming more extreme flirting sometimes with performance. Going as far as to cover monumental prints with black paint, Gao Bo also completely burned a series of portraits of convicted prisoners, dead to reap the ashes. Gao Bo never stops pushing the limits of the photographic medium, questioning the disappearance, the trace and the possible renewal through a creative process on the borders of destruction.

Grand Noir, Élégie laoiste, 2014 © BoSTUDIO. Photo by Ma Xiaochun

Disparition de la Figure I-II, 2000-2015, photograph of a performance © BoSTUDIO. Photo by Ma Xiaochun

Offrande du mandala, 1995-2009, gelatin silver print on rock © Danielle Schulman


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