FESTIVAL PATELIN 2.0 • Gare Saint Sauveur

L I L L E • 2 0 1 5 On the occasion of the Renaissance (Lille 3000), the Gare Saint Sauveur hosts the festival PATELIN 2.0.

Festival Patelin 2.0

General Communication Manager DJ Contest / Video Mapping Project Manager

 What place for the citizen in the city of tomorrow? This is the question asked by the festival Patelin 2.0. The answer: a village in the city! A village where everyone is welcome, where everyone can come to laugh, dance, share and exchange to build together the city life of tomorrow.

A warm and festive atmosphere, this is what awaited the visitor of Patelin 2.0 through various convivial and participative events:

▼ A market of local products brought by the producer partners La Ruche qui dit Oui! and cooked by the chef of the Bistrot de Saint So;

▼ A participatory wall painting for all ages guided by the artists Zoé Landry and Wiebke Aumann;

▼ A Beats from Detroit-themed DJ contest sponsored by Club Magazine; ( With Video Mapping )

▼ A moment of theatre with the students of Lycée Fénelon de Lille, who wrote around the theme of living together, guided by the author Denis Baronnet and the director Didier Saint-Maxent of the company "La Fabrique du Vent";

▼ A participatory library animated by storyteller Rachid Bouali.

▼ A talk on the theme: "We are all artisans of the city of tomorrow" with Michel Hastings (Professor at Sciences Po Lille) Emmanuel Daniel and Hélène Bienvenu (journalists), Pascaline Boyron (Lille collective Les Saprophytes);

▼ A ball hosted by the band Bal'O'Phonic Orchestra.