POPPOSITIONS • Capital of Woke

B r u s s e l s 2 0 1 9 Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format, POPPOSITIONS annually aims to prompt and trigger experimental and innovative approaches to the art market.

POPPOSITIONS • Capital of Woke • 2019 Fair Manager

More than an art fair, POPPOSITIONS takes the shape of a curated exhibition and an ongoing critical dialogue as to collectively emphasise matters of shared concern, rather than business as usual. Considering the difficulties emerging galleries and art organisations are encountering, POPPOSITIONS constantly adapts its business model; with its low participation fee, it offers an effective answer to the current art market climate. In that, POPPOSITIONS strongly believes in a collaborative and responsive approach, by being quick on its feet and working together with those initiatives, artists, curators and collectors that jointly pursue to rise to the occasion and grapple with the complexity of our current social and political climate. It attracts wide support from the art sector and serves as an inspirational format for new alternative art fairs throughout Europe.

"It is rare to find places of that scale that push the limits of the transmission of art, art market and exhibition making in their entrenchments, all the while playing so lucidly with their respective codes, trends and languages."

Marie DuPasquier, Curator and Director, Display Berlin

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